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2023 - PRESENT

Top-down thriller shooter where you combat invisible threats.


Game Designer & Engineer

Environment Artist

Technical Artist





R.O.A.M. is an action-packed top-down shooter with invisible threats lurking around!

Earth 2030, infested by Kenemorphs. You play as a recruit onboard the R.O.A.M.(Resource and Observation Allocation Management) command's terraforming space station intended to leave our home planet for good. Trapped in deep space, you need to strategically detect and eliminate Kenemorphs while maintaining the integrity of the ship.

However, you slowly discover a hidden mystery scheme...

My Responsibilities:

  • Designed core gameplay interactions leveraging system loops, player resources, and combat behaviors.​

  • Scripted scalable events, modular items, and behavior states for player and enemies.

  • Created visuals and VFX assets for core features and overall game aesthetics.

  • Art-directed 3D props, set dressing, lighting, and post-processing.​

Ship Hull Integrity


Hull integrity deteriorates when ALL generators lose power. The ship will shut down and disintegrate if hull integrity reaches 0. The player must maintain hull integrity until auto-maintenance reboots in 5 minutes for the rundown to complete.

Power Cores:

Rechargeable capsules that the player can carry to:

  • charge the generators

  • boost stamina recharge rate


The main point of contact that can only be recharged by Power Cores to maintain ship integrity.


Player Combat

The player has several abilities for combat and utility. ALL abilities will consume stamina:

  1. 360 deg Radial Scan - Reveals the location of the Kenemorphs. Larger FOV. Will be occluded by obstacles.

  2. 12 deg Directional Stun - Stun and Reveals the Kenemorphs. Slows movements. Will be occluded by obstacles.

  3. Laser - Eliminates the Kenemorphs.

  4. Boost - Speeds up the locomotion.​


Stamina will recharge when the player remains stationary or eliminates a Kenemorph; recharge faster when the player is carrying a Power Core.

Enemy Behaviors

The Kenemorphs will be invisible as default. There are 4 behavior states:

  1. Roaming - Roam until in range of the player. Stays invisible.

  2. Chase - Chase once in range of the player. Stays invisible.

  3. Attack - Stop and expand to exert a deadly blast. Becomes visible, and will self-explode after the attack is finished.

  4. Stunned - Stop all behaviors. Becomes visible.

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