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The principals behind these interactions are that we want our engineers to perform the most while doing less but intuitively.

The above prototypes effectively demonstrates three core interactions for our engineers to perform on the NSA's latest remote controlled droid:

   - rotation
   - locomotion | two modes to accommodate diverse play styles 
   - scan

These interactions are designed specifically to ensure each individual hand can perform a single specific function at each time, but can switch between functions instantaneously and intuitively:

   - One hand performing functions, one hand free
   - Both hands performing same/differentiated functions
   - Both hands free

The tutorial of the composite hand functions are integrated into the level design of this particular nsa laboratory to ensure the continuation and immersion of the experience are not broken, while all elements are coherent to the narrative as our engineer relives this section in the form of a pre-recorded droid test archival footage.

PART 01:

   - Engineer must rotate the platform to exit to the next section.

   - Pathway to the next section are designed to force the engineer to                 maneuver left and right to familiarize themselves to locomotion.

PART 02:

   - Distinguished architectural and color elements to direct our engineer to         the final section at the gate for scan interactions.

   - a separate path to the left is available to our engineer as an optional           target practice area to calibrate our droid for precision motors.