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Game Designer

Environment Artist

Technical Artist


Experimental Windows XP-themed Adventure Game


Windows | Mac | Linux

Bliss is a first-person experimental adventure game about nostalgia and childhood memories in a Windows XP-themed fantasy world. 


The player turns on an old PC for the last time to retrieve important files.

Bliss has a vast and scenic open world built from scratch. Through environmental storytelling, it delivers two storylines to the player: the history of the Bliss Dimension and the life of the PC’s user.

The Bliss dimension is the objectification of a PC’s storage system, responsible for reading and saving documents for the user. A second in the real world equals 7 days in the Bliss world.

The Bliss world is, just like any PC storage, divided by hard drives (C:\, D:\, E:\ and F:\). In these areas live entities whose sole purpose of existence is creating and editing files. They inhabit the land generations after generations, building monuments, temples and altars to worship the god who controls the operation of the world - the user.

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